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Principal's Corner

"The Other Side of the Den" May 2017

“The Other Side of the Den”

Below is the Measures of Academic Progress (MAPS) testing schedule for the Kindergarten through Sixth grade. The Seventh through Eleventh grade will be tested one day on May 5th. MAPS is St. Edward Public Schools standardized testing. The students were assessed in September and now in May. The school would like to compare the students’ growth from the beginning until the end of the year. MAPS reports will be sent home to show the comparison of growth from fall to spring at the end of May.


MAPS 4.21 8:15 - 9:30 am 10:00-11:10 am Lunch 12:45 - 2:00 pm calendar
Monday Kindergarten     Reading-IPADS Kindergarten           Math-IPADS   NO TESTING 4th-6th Science Fair 1 pm
Tuesday 1st grade 1st grade       Jr. High Track
4/25/2017 Reading-IPADS Math-IPADS NO TESTING 3rd Farm Safety
Wednesday 3rd grade 2nd grade     Art Contest 1 pm
4/26/2017 Reading-Laptops Science-IPADS   NO TESTING
Thursday 4th grade       PK-3 practice 9am, 4-6 practice 1pm, K-12 Spring Program 7pm
4/27/2017 Reading-Laptops     NO TESTING
Friday 2nd grade 2nd grade   3rd grade Varsity Track
4/28/2017 Reading-IPADS Math-IPADS   Science-Laptops
Monday 5th grade 2nd grade   3rd grade Jr High Track
5/1/2017 Reading-Laptops Language-IPADS   Math-Laptops
Tuesday 4th grade 3rd grade   4th grade Senior's Last Day
5/2/2017 Language-Laptops Language-Laptops Science-Laptops Honor's Program 2 pm
Wednesday 5th grade                 Language-Laptops 4th grade   5th grade Varsity Track
5/3/2017 Math-Laptops Science-Laptops
Thursday 5th grade     NO TESTING Elementary Field Day 1 pm
5/4/2017 Math-Laptops NO TESTING  
Friday 6th grade 6th grade     HIGH SCHOOL TESTING
5/5/2017 Reading-Laptops Math-Laptops      
Monday 6th grade 6th grade       Board of Education 7 pm
5/8/2017 Language-Laptops Science-Laptops      
Tuesday           Nothing
5/9/2017 Make-up Testing        
Wednesday             District Track
5/10/2017 Make-up Testing          
Thursday             K-3 Field Trip to Lincoln
5/11/2017 Make-up Testing          
Friday             Nothing
5/12/2017 Make-up Testing          


Ms. Allison Pritchard

PK-6 Principal