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A new season has begun and this year's team is off to a good start.  There are seven members on the team this year: 

Ethan Sutton - Senior; competing in Humorous Prose and Duet Acting

Emily Cumming - Junior; competing in Humorous Prose and Oral Interpretation of Drama

Sara Baustert - Junior; competing in Duet Acting and Oral Interpretation of Drama

Chase Alder - Junior; competing in Oral Interpretation of Drama

Tara Buettner - Sophomore; competing in Serious Prose

Halie Andreason - Freshman; competing in Humorous Prose and Oral Interpretation of Drama

Calvin Musil - Freshman; competing in Extemporaneous Speaking


We've only attended one meet this year at Boon Central where Calvin placed 5th in Novice (like JV) Extemporaneous Speaking.

Our schedule is as follows:

February 13 - Lindsay Holy Family Meet; Bus leaves at 6:45 AM and should return by 4:00 PM

February 25 - Goldenrod Conference Tournament at Nebraska Christian; Bus leaves at 6:15 AM and should be returning around 5:00 PM or so

March 4 - Riverside Invitational at Cedar Rapids; Bus leaves at 11:00 AM and will return around 6:00 PM

March 17 - District Speech at Howells-Dodge; Bus leaves at 6:00 AM and will return around 5:00 PM or so. 

Please remember to be on time and dressed appropriately:

Young Men - dress slacks, collared shirts, and ties if possible. You may also wear a suit if you have one, but it is not required. Make sure if you have longer hair, it is styled away from your face.

Young Ladies - skirts at just above knee level or lower or slacks (preferred if you are in Duet Acting), flats or pumps with a heel not taller than 1 1/2", blouses that do not show cleavage, hair pinned away from your face, nothing tight or clingy, if you wear tights, your blouse must cover your rear (mid thigh or longer).

These may seem silly, but we are trying to portray a professional image; all of these are for a reason. If you want to know the reasons, come see me.

You may all bring clothes to change into after you finish competing, but please make it tasteful as well. 

You may bring personal music players (iPod, MP3, etc) but they must be used with headphones.  I would suggest also bringing cards or other things to entertain you during down time.

Let's have a great season.